Land Needed for Multi-Family Developments

Land Needed for Multi-Family Developments

Our company is known for marketing golf properties—more than One Billion Dollars Sold! Leading golf properties are developed and positioned in affluent communities to serve discriminating consumers with an array of services and merchandise at or near high traffic locations. These are also standards of leading multi- family developers. Our leadership in golf real estate has given us a unique and valuable perspective on their search for quality locations in growing markets. Old rules still apply but share space with new rules.

Multi family has entered a new era with the Millennials, America’s largest and growing demographic, impacting future real estate trends. In sheer numbers they will surpass all other categories in this decade.

The Millennials

  • Millennials influence consumption patterns, marketing strategies, living arrangements, and will (possibly) determine the next national election.
  • Look for living space– near urban centers–not the distant suburbs. Friendly urban setting: work, living space, shopping, and recreation close enough for walking or biking.
  • Millennials want new high quality multi family living space.
  • Given their post college finances many will opt for renting multi-family product for years.
  • Expect great work out facilties, high tech wiring and wireless capability with functional multi purpose dwelling units.

The Other Market: The Baby Boomers

  • Boomers are selling their luxurious homes
  • Moving into high-end multi-family properties
  • High demand to be near golf courses

Sites should be in the growing southeastern markets. Hilda W. Allen can evaluate your site once we review the location and relevant market data. 

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