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Hilda W. Allen


Hilda Allen, president and managing director of Hilda W. Allen Real Estate Inc., is a licensed Real Estate Broker. In previous years...



...Hilda served as President of the Georgia Auctioneers Association and currently serves as Executive Director. And as a mover and a shaker in the real estate business, Hilda continues to stay on the cutting edge by being an active member in numerous industry related organizations. 
“Although my team members are highly trusted and qualified to do the job without me, I still oversee every transaction, because I built this company from the ground up and I believe that it is  important that I practice what I preach"
·         Founder, Owner, & Managing Director of Hilda W. Allen Real Estate, Inc.
·         Real Estate Agent and Broker
·         Licensed Auctioneer 
·        Expert in Luxury and Resort Property Sales
·        Consultant | EDA Amherst VA Business - Winton Brochure

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